Mezzotint Films is the collaboration of husband-wife team Steve and Karen Audette.

Steve has been editing documentaries for two decades. With over 60 production credits, his work has contributed to many Emmy Award-winning films, as well as Peabody and DuPont Columbia Award-winning programs.

Karen has been in story-telling and visual creative fields for over a decade as a personal biographer, graphic designer, painter and marketing director.

Nico's Challenge was the first documentary out of their company Mezzotint Films. Nico's Challenge garnered wide acclaim in both national and international film festivals, winning the best emerging-filmmaker award at the American Pavilion, Cannes Film Festival.

Currently in film festivals is The Nike Chariot Earring, a short biography of a woman who after hearing of the priceless artifact stolen from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts made it her personal mission to recover it. The Nike Chariot Earring won DC Shorts Outstanding Documentary and was an Audience Favorite at Woods Hole Film Festival.

Under legal review is the documentary of Officer Keith Winfield who was convicted in 2007 for a heinous crime. This is a poignantly disturbing portrait of a family embroiled in the American justice system.

Mezzotint Films is currently in production on a documentary about the heroin epidemic in Gloucester, MA. The story is centered around Police Chief Leonard (Lenny) Campenello and his remarkable vision. Beginning with his Facebook post offering addicts the chance for free rehabilitation with no criminal drug charges. “The war on drugs is lost . . . You can’t arrest your way out of this problem.” L. Campenello